By choosing Freego you are making a wise and eco-friendly commute choice. We thank you for showing interest in our product Freego-The Self Balancing Electric

Three pixels is the sole distributor of the efficient and eco-friendly self-balancing scooter Freego in the state of Gujarat.

Freego is specially designed and made after various trials and tests for Indian road & climatic conditions, with a full fledge after sales support system pan india to ensure customer satisfaction at all times

Currently we are offering you two of our premium and fast selling models which are:
1. Freego S1
2. Freego F3
2. Freego U3

There are various other products and accessories which we offer, these you could find below

• Service Support:

We provide doorstep service all over India. Our team of trained service staff and technicians ensure you get the best of Freego experience. All our support staff is trained and had detailed insights about Freego as we ourselves are manufacturers of the mobile component no one else can help you better with Freego than us.

• Please Note:

Freego provides a warranty of 6 months. The parts only warranty is for faults derived from natural causes, Faults derived due to accidents are not covered by the warranty. We can still service the Freego, but there will be extra charges levied for the same.

AVINASH JHAVERI +91 9820746047

               F3 (Samsung 48V Li-Ion Battery)

               Freego U3 (Samsung 48V Li-Ion Battery)

                                   Freego S1

               Freego F3 Golf Model

                              Cargo Box

                                   Electric Horn

               Flash Light

                              Handle Bag

                            Helmet, Knee and elbow Pads

               Colour Variant
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